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Jaipur is a name that is synonymous with handicrafts. People from all over the world have fallen in love with the varied and exotic art of artisans belonging to this city. It is no surprise that many thousands throng the lands of Jaipur every year to shop extensively for these handicrafts. But there are three unique handicrafts of Jaipur that are truly worth their name. In fact, they are so good that because of them Jaipur is world famous in terms of handicraft, among other things. Let us discover these three highly famous Jaipur handicrafts that have left the world awestruck:

  1. Blue Pottery: One of the most famous handicrafts of Jaipur, Blue Pottery involves making of artifacts from porcelain clay. While multi-colored powders are used in the making and decorations, a special shiny-blue variant is used that gives a unique bluish texture to these artifacts. The skill of the artisan lies in drawing breath taking designs with intricate details, wherein the final product is a vivid tone of blue with white or other colors of embroidery. This kind of pottery is showcased in various popular exhibitions throughout the city. Some of these locations where you can buy them include Birla Auditorium and Jawahar Kala Kendra. Items such as flower pots, lamps, vases, plates and more are primarily created using the art of blue pottery. As a decorative element blue pottery is found in the interiors of up class hotels and luxury residences.


  1. Lac Bangles: Another very famous handicraft in Jaipur, Lac Bangles are a specialty of local artisans. The bangle work of Jaipur is so famous that shoppers from remote corners of India as well as from abroad come all the way to buy these lac bangles here. Not only is it a symbol of rich heritage, it is also an example of highly skilled craftsmanship. In the recent past, artists used to make precious gems out of lac, and they were famously called ‘Lakharas’. The lac bangle work is mostly found in the Tripolia Bazaar area as well as the nearby ‘Maniharon ki Gali’ in the Jaipur old city area. The price ranges from anywhere between 20 to 2000 rupees. One can also find gold bangles with lac work on it. Both these locations can be seen filled with crowds of tourists every season.


  1. Bandhani: The Bandhani print of Jaipur is a world famous print style of immense elegance and unique importance. Considered to be a highly exotic form of printing on suits, fabrics and sarees, Bandhani as a print style is never out of vogue, even in international fashion circles. Known for the traditional motifs and exceptional vibrancy of colors, Bandhani usually involves cotton fabric for printing. Sometimes even silk may be used to create higher product value. While Bandhani is a major shopping attraction for tourists, one can find many famous spots for Bandhani shopping all over the city.


If you too are a lover of beautiful things and exotic art, then don’t refrain yourself from travelling to Jaipur and experiencing the novelty of these antique arts. Developed over many years, they contain in them the essence of traditional excellence and the ability to create magic in every detail. So, come over to Souvenir, located near all the best shopping destinations of Jaipur … and let yourself be mesmerized!