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Pink City Jaipur Royal Palaces


Some monuments are forever etched on the face of history. Similar is the case with the beautiful royal palaces of Jaipur. Their beauty, honor and heritage are popular all the way to the other side of the planet, from where thousands throng the Pink City every year to feel this aura of grandeur for themselves. These sites often become the center of India’s most prestigious functions all the way from festivities, to up-class marriages, to corporate events that require the most royal settings. Here we enumerate some of the most iconic, ancient, exotic and magnificent heritage sites of Jaipur that we have not listed before. They are surely a charm to visit!

  1. Rambagh Palace JaipurRambagh Palace: This iconic heritage site was once the royal residence of Maharaja Man Singh II and his wife Maharani Gayatri Devi who is a renowned royal personality the world over. Shimmering with beautiful old Rajasthani architecture, it has now been converted into a first-class hotel immersed in luxury, pleasing service and an awe inspiring expansive landscape garden that serves as the base for some of the most prestigious marriages and events.




  1. Jai Mahal Palace JaipurJai Mahal Palace: Sporting a fusion the native Indian architecture and the British Victorian style, this Indo-Saracenic structure serves as a beautiful time-machine that transports its guests to a time of the grand royals. Built back in 1745, it serves as a most beautiful reminder of rich heritage that has been elegantly actualized for the people of today as they dine and stay here in the midst an overwhelming aura of grandiose.




  1. Bissau Palace JaipurBissau Palace: This royal monument was once the beloved residence of Shekhawat Rawal who was a Noble bestowed with lands. Built in 1919, it stands overlooking the Tiger Fort and lies close to the walled city. It has also undergone recent renovation. Today, it has been converted into a palatial hotel that is frequently visited by high net-worth customers for up-class parties, as well as the general crowd who want to have a leisurely time at a luxury spot.




  1. Samode Palace Jaipur RajasthanSamode Palace: Considered the quintessential Rajasthani palace, it expresses a spirit of royalty through and through. As a great example of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, this one combines the Indian and Mughal designs in a breathtaking blend. Formerly it was the residence of the Thakur of Samode, again a Landed Noble, now transformed beautifully into a high-service hotel.




  1. Narain Niwas Palace JaipurNarain Niwas Palace: Designed with dazzling detail in the Anglo-Indian style, the Narain Niwas Palace was built by General Amar Singh back in 1928. Initially it belonged to the Thakur of Kanota, an area near Jaipur lying on the highway to Ajmer, and served as his personal residence. As usual this too has been converted into a luxurious hotel. Its unique Anglo-Indian design differentiates it from the rest and makes it a unique getaway while being a beautiful sight for sore eyes.




  1. Raj Mahal Palace JaipurRaj Mahal Palace: Last but not the least in the list is the Raj Mahal Palace that boasts of 250 years of heritage and history. A majestic monument that is a prime example of graceful architecture, in 1821 it served as the official residence of Rajputana’s British Resident Political Officer. Today it stands transformed into a royal boutique hotel that is visited by all looking to share in the royal essence and service of Rajasthan.