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architectural expertise with visual technology


While Jaipur is world famous for its ancient heritage and monuments, with the modern age it has developed into a budding metro with some truly praise worthy developments in infrastructure. The city is now one of the brightest examples of a place where the past meets the future in a fusion that is breathtaking. These monuments serve as beautiful visions that every traveler to Jaipur can enjoy. Today, let’s go off the beaten path and have a look at the new, the enthralling, the mesmerizing new wonders of high technology and alluring aesthetic that adorns this city of monuments.


World Trade Park

Jaipur’s heart lineThis magnanimous structure towers on one of Jaipur’s heart lines – the JLN Marg. Since its opening in 2012, it has come to be seen as a symbol of pride for the entire city. Inaugurated by the mega star Shahrukh Khan, this mall has won many prestigious accolades including the ‘Mall of the Year’ award and the ‘Best Architect of the Year’ award, serving as a center for modern trade as well as a wonderful location for the entertainment and leisure of the people of Jaipur. Its dark blue façade, world class design and sheer magnitude hold it in a class of its own. It stands as a refreshingly unique symbol of India’s modernity and development in this city of ancient monuments.




Motisons Building

Jaipur’s modern architectureA jewel in the crown of Jaipur’s modern architecture, this building blends traditional art and futuristic architecture through a seamless execution that makes one stop in their tracks and stare. Located at Tonk Road, the whole building is designed as a group of leaves attached one on top of the other (similar to lotus petals), with a vibrant range of colors running through the veins of these leaves, as well as the changing background color of the leaves themselves. It makes for a truly mesmerizing view, especially in the evenings. As a concept it is fairly unique, not just in Rajasthan but the whole of India, created through a marvelous application of advanced engineering.




The Shree Building

architectural twist in the whole of IndiaThe last but not the least in this list is this high-tech example of modern engineering that combines architectural expertise with visual technology. The Shree building lies on the Tonk Road, and is a visual treat for all Jaipurites passing by each evening. It is another rare example of such an architectural twist in the whole of India. It has been designed by the renowned Sanjay Puri Architects with an LED-façade that lights up with different visualizations including text, graphics and a variety of color themes. The beauty of this building also lies in the fusion of traditional Rajasthani architecture with this modern technology in the form of ‘Jaalis’. These ‘Jaalis’ are a design element that is present in some of the most famous old Rajasthani monuments, and has been incorporated in the Shree Building in the form of beautifully designed meshes that serve as a background to the entire LED system. As a result of these features, this building is also known as the ‘72 Screens Building’, and the end result of this magnificent architectural creation is that of a spell binding kaleidoscope of wonderful images that delight your senses.